Business Administration & Management Undergraduate Programs

Business Administration and Management Undergraduate Programs offer students with a sense of entrepreneurship the opportunity to learn fundamentals in human resources, ...

marketing, finance, management and accounting. In today’s competitive marketplace, many entry-level jobs require a Bachelor’s degree[i] and some kind of leadership abilities. If you have a success mind-set, why not leverage your strengths with a business degree?

Business Administration and Management Undergraduate Programs: Basics

Business Administration and Management Undergraduate programs are available as 2-year Associates degrees and 4-year Bachelor of Business Administration Degrees. Certificates are also available in some fields. Often, if you have a specific type of career that you aspire to, an undergrad degree in business can be thought of as a preparatory education. Take-away? Look ahead, check out a career you find super interesting and find out from a guidance counselor how to make supportive educational decisions.

What Does It Mean to Major in Business?

A major in business administration and management generally provides academic grounding in topics such as:

  • Theories and principles of accounting
  • Business-oriented technology
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Economics
  • Statistics
  • Human resources functions
  • Decision-making

Students typically take away skills such as how to budget, organize, plan, hire, direct, control, problem-solve and otherwise manage a range of organizations. Depending on the business school and the undergrad program you are in you might also learn about business ethics, politics, and effective communication.

Business Administration or Management?

If you are considering a Business Administration and Management Undergraduate program, you might be wondering, “What is the difference between business administration and management?” Colleges may certainly have unique characteristics and features, and may use different language to describe their programs that you want to take into account. So how do you choose the right undergraduate business degree?

Management degrees tend to focus on elements of running a business such as decision-making, human resources, planning and organizing that goes into the role of ‘being in charge’. Business degrees tend to provide a broad background and then let the student choose what is called a “concentration” area (e.g. healthcare management, international business, finance, operations management).

Types of Undergraduate Business Administration and Management Programs

At both the associates and bachelor levels, students are often able to choose between an arts and a science degree. Commonly, the science degree (Associate of Science and Bachelor of Science) degrees offer a more quantitative approach than the Associate of Arts or Bachelor of Arts.

Associate’s Degrees in Business Administration and Management

An associate’s degree in business administration is one way to prepare for entry into the business world or as a stepping-stone to completion of a bachelor’s degree. Generally, a 2-year program, all it takes for entrance into is a high school diploma or its equivalent, the GED and your transcripts.

There are a few different tracks of associate’s degrees offered in business administration: The Associate of Science (A.S.) and Associate of Arts (A.A.) are the standard programs that prepare students for both the workplace and continued study. The Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.), replaces general education classes with additional business courses. This may be the ideal degree if you aspire to enter into the workforce immediately, or have no interest in pursuing education beyond the associate level.

DID YOU KNOW? A bachelor’s degree is typically required for someone to become an administrative services manager, although some individuals may be able to enter the occupation with a high school diploma. Those with a bachelor’s degree typically study business, engineering, facility management, or information management.[ii]

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Bachelor’s Degrees in Business Administration and Management

A Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, or baccalaureate degree, typically requires four years of full-time study. Some schools allow you to transfer credits from an associate’s degree although this may vary; they may be able to gain entry as a third-year student, depending on grades or other factors. Otherwise a high school diploma or equivalent and ACT or SAT scores may be required.

There are a few different tracks offered in Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) programs; The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration tends to have a more mathematical and analytical format than the BBA. In terms of continued education, a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management might also serve as a stepping-stone to a graduate degree in business, or the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree.

DID YOU KNOW? Most marketing managers need a bachelor’s degree. Courses in business law, management, economics, finance, computer science, mathematics, and statistics are advantageous[iii].

Campus or Online Undergrad Business Degree

In some case you may be able to choose whether you prefer to study at college or through a distance-learning option. If you are looking forward to meeting people, you learn well through interaction, demonstration and hands-on learning, an on-campus program may be worth considering. If you are autonomous, have a job or need to juggle your time in a certain way, you might do well with an online business degree, since these allow some freedom to schedule learning.

Find an Undergraduate Business Administration Program has an easy to use navigation menu. Choose your programs level, then your program format and browse sponsored listings in that category. Find options such as Online Associate of Arts in Business Administration, Online BA/ Business Administration, Campus Business Management (Associate of Applied Science), and Campus Business Administration (BS). There are many more!

SEARCH TIP: Use the green ‘request info’ tab to find out from the business school what features their program has. Keep a list. You are aiming for a program that aligns with any career goals or future academic ambitions.

Take the Next Step

Whether you are interested in financial management or public relations, business is actually a pretty vast field that encompasses many areas. An undergraduate degree in business administration and management is generally designed to develop your practical, managerial and communication skills while providing some insight into decision-making. Take a more quantitative approach and study business statistics, focus on information technology or tourism and hospitality. Many options, many undergrad degrees, and many possibilities for continued education. Explore Business Administration and Management Undergraduate Programs today!

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